Why Give?

VKF supporters range from concerned individuals (such as parents and teachers), to educational, social, and cultural institutions, as well as major corporate and political entities.

The common purpose among this diverse spectrum of donors and investors is the desire to see a world in which knowledge and information is used for good and constructive purposes.  Presently too much  information flows with no regard for our common good, and often even with negative and destructive purposes.

Phenomena such as militant extremism in the “religious” world, extreme greed in the financial world, and self absorption in culture and entertainment all result from the dissemination of information not sufficiently grounded in a well-considered value system.  The misguided obsession with “value-neutrality” leaves a vacuum in human development.  From there it is a small step to the point in which intelligent and competent individuals cause harm with their learning and manipulation of information.

The Values in Knowledge Foundation works effectively and in far reaching ways to reverse these trends, thus increasing the stability needed internationally and locally for safer family life, and for stable social,  political and commercial environments.

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The Values in Knowledge Foundation is a New York based, not-for-profit corporation with 501(c)(3), tax exempt status.  All donations to the Values in Knowledge Foundation are tax deductible.

VKF welcomes inquiries and applications from individuals and institutions seeking support for projects related to the purpose and mission of VKF.

A major allocation of VKF, donor-generated funds goes to expanding the article base, upgrading and updating the knowledge base, and extending the influence of the New World Encyclopedia

The Values in Knowledge Foundation welcomes “earmarked” contributions.  When you give, please feel free to indicate specific purposes or projects for your donation.

The Values in Knowledge Foundation acknowledges and honors our supporters, but if you prefer anonymity, please indicate as much on your donation.

All donations to the Values in Knowledge Foundation are tax-deductible.

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