Christian groups gift Torah to German Jewish community of Thuringia

Jewish leader says the gift represents an ‘important symbol of solidarity and support’ for their community The Jewish Community of Thuringia in central Germany will receive a new Torah scroll from Christian groups. The gift comes a year ahead of … Continue reading

Spirituality: For Some, or For All?

On 10-9-19 I I spoke on Spirituality to a student group at the New Jersey Institute of Technology I examined whether spirituality is optional or necessary for human life?   This is a link to pictures from the meeting: Here is link … Continue reading

Giant Floating Solar Farms Could Make Fuel and Help Solve the Climate Crisis, Says Study

Millions of solar panels clustered together to form an island could convert carbon dioxide in seawater into methanol, which can fuel airplanes and trucks, according to new research from Norway and Switzerland and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, PNAS, … Continue reading

5,000-Year-Old NYC-Style Metropolis Uncovered in Northern Israel

The ruins of a 5,000-year-old megalopolis were uncovered in northern Israel, the Antiquities Authority announced on Sunday. The ruins were exposed in a major excavation project in the Ein Assur site near Harish. The city was the largest in the area during … Continue reading

Ocean Cleaning Device Succeeds in Removing Plastic for the First Time

An enormous floating device designed by Dutch scientists for the non-profit Ocean Cleanup successfully captured and removed plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the company announced Wednesday, as CNN reported. Ocean Cleanup has been hard at work on creating a device to attack … Continue reading

Mini-Brains Grown In a Lab Have Human-Like Brain Activity Alysson Muotri was dumbfounded when the pea-sized blobs of human brain cells that he was growing in the lab started emitting electrical pulses. He initially thought the electrodes he was using were malfunctioning. Muotri was wrong. What the cells … Continue reading

Rare 2,000-Year-Old Text of Early Buddhism Now Online

Portion of the Gandhara scroll. The Library of Congress has restored and made available online the Gandhara Scroll, a manuscript dating back to around the first century B.C., that offers insight into early Buddhist history. The scroll is one of … Continue reading

Vatican Library makes 15,000 manuscripts available online for free

Explore a selection of digitized materials from their vast catalogue. Archbishop Jean-Louis Bruguès, Prefect of the Vatican Library, announced on Wednesday the opening of the DigiVatLib, a shortening of digital Vatican Library. The Archbishop explained that over the last five years the … Continue reading