The Values in Knowledge Foundation supports projects devoted to the creation, organization, and dissemination of knowledge and information that promote responsible and positive growth and development for individuals, families, society, and our collective relationship to the natural world and universe.

The stated purpose of  the Values in Knowledge Foundation is found in its Articles of Incorporation:

The corporation exists to provide education through publication of books, journals, and online reference materials, and through activities such as conferences, seminars, and scholarly panels in such areas as history, literature, life sciences, physical sciences, social sciences and other disciplines, so that learning consists of value-based knowledge that leads to constructive activity and positive life decisions.

The corporation provides learning alternatives to value-relative, scientistic, mechanistic, materialistic, so-called value neutral, and unstated value systems pervasive in a vast range of contemporary knowledge resources (such as Wikipedia, for example).

The corporation shall commission recognized and trained scholars to vet all information and materials to insure factual accuracy,  and value bases that uphold universal and constructive ideals such as human responsibility, respect for society and for the environment, gender equality, and inter-cultural respect and cooperation. This will give young people and the wider general public access to accurate and values-positive information, including encyclopedia resources online for free.

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