Is growing unity even among partners hostile to you a good thing?

Here is an article posted on the Values Forum of the New World Encyclopedia about a rare conversation between Saudi Arabia and Iran:

Saudi King, Ahmadinejad Talk Politics on Phone 12/10/2010

Al-ManarTV:: Saudi King, Ahmadinejad Talk Politics on Phone 12/10/2010.

Mahmoud Ahmedinijad superimposed over an Iraqi flag

Abstract:  All relationships, including international relations swim in a fragile blend of “domestic” policy and “foreign” policy.

In the case of this conversation in question, Saudia and Iran are not quite “domestic” but from the perspective of US interests in the region, that conversation must be regarded as “talk among ourselves.”

The Values related reflections for this entry deal with the question if alliances among challenging dialogue partners should be seen as good or bad, AND how assumptions on this matter impact news media’s influence for positive progress in international relations.

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