School aims to take business back to basic biblical principles

by Frank Kaufmann in Business

We presently suffer from recent decades of business taught in a vacuum sans spiritual principles. Other religions should likewise follow the example of these Christian visionaries. After this, heads of such institutions should dialogue regularly regularly with a goal to forge universal principles applicable for entrepreneurs in all cultures.

A church’s calling goes beyond Sunday morning,and its instruction shouldn’t be limited to spiritual matters,according Stephen Andzel,  Churches,  he says,  are called to teach everything, from science to literature.

And even business

The Joseph Business School franchise has a modest goal —to educate Christians to be successful entrepreneurs and business leaders through biblical principles.

But Andzel says he hopes it will have a much larger impact than that.  Business owners, he says,should be “taking their success and reinvesting it back in the community and turn it back into the thriving community we think it could be.”


By learning business principles in a biblical manner, Brown said he will be able to have more integrity in his business and help others become entrepreneurs as well.


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